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Get the answers to your gardening questions without hiring an expensive landscaping company or wasting money on plants that won't work for your space.

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You've been looking around the Internet, trying to piece together a plan for your garden, but you still can't figure out what plants will work in your space. You don't want to waste money on a bunch of stuff that will die, but you also don't want to pay a landscaping company an arm and a leg to do it for you.

Answer a few easy questions about your gardening space and how you want it to look

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Get a list of plant suggestions and an idea of what to do in your garden, without having to try and piece it all together yourself?

You know your space could be great, but you just don’t know what plants will work for your space in your hardiness zone and you don’t want to waste yet another growing season with an ugly space because you can’t decide what to do with it.


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The simple, low-cost solution to your gardening questions.

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don't waste another summer guessing

The growing season is short and only comes once a year.  Get your gardening projects right the first time!

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When I moved into my new home I became steward to several garden beds. One was a blank slate. I felt unsure of what to do, but had ideas. In my 1:1 garden consult with kind Kristen, she asked questions and created a planting scheme. Now I have a tailored plan, with diagrams and suggestions for establishing this outdoor space. I’m so happy I got the 1:1 garden plan from Kristen, and recommend her services.

What will you choose for your consultation?

Landscaping Projects

Plant suggestions, layout ideas, and tips on how to keep everything low maintenance.  Plus, I’ll give you ideas to help avoid future headaches!

Custom Vegetable Garden Plans

Available for square foot gardening or traditional row gardens.  The vegetables and companion flowers you like, all in a customized plan.  Never get the spacing wrong again!

Plant Suggestions

The right plant in the right place, enough said.

Hi, I'm kristen

I’m a former farm-girl turned gardening blogger and now I’m bringing my years of gardening knowledge to you in a personalized, easy to understand way.

I grew up on a century old family farm and was involved in gardening as soon as I could walk.  My family believed in hard work and that kids were never too young to pitch in.  Unfortunately (fortunately?) for me, I am an only child, which meant that I was the go-to kid for all the work that needed to be done.

I didn’t like having to help so much more than all of my friends and I often resented it.  Little did I realize that along the way I was learning a lot of skills that my peers had no clue about–how to tell a weed from a vegetable, which flowers liked sun, and which flowers like shade, what order to plant your vegetables in, how and why to rotate your crops, when vegetables are ripe, how to process peas, corn, berries, and so much more. Once I grew up and had my own home, suddenly all those tasks I resented became important life skills that I now needed and wanted to do.  I also quickly realized that most of my friends wanted to start their own gardens, but didn’t have any clue how to go about it.  They either lived in cites and didn’t grow up with a garden, or their parents never made them help with it.

Suddenly I became the go-to girl amongst all my friends who were buying their own houses and wanted to get started with their own gardens or landscaping.

Now I’m taking that same feeling–of getting gardening advice from a friend over coffee–and bringing it to you!

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Only 10 consultations are accepted each month, so get your spot before it’s gone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve secured your spot, you can either fill out my questionnaire, or tell me about your space and what you’d like to accomplish with it.  Send me as many photos as possible so I can get a better idea of the space.  Then I’ll take your needs and make you a plan or answer your questions–whatever makes sense for your situation.


Once I’ve received your information and followed up with any additional questions I have, you’ll receive your booklet with your solutions in 7 business days or less.

The consultation is $60 CAD–the cost of a couple of perennials, and far cheaper than hiring a landscaping company or wasting money on plants that are wrong for your space and will die.

The consultations work best for zones 2, 3, and 4.  Barring crazy weather, unusual bug infestations, or forgetting to water your plants, you should be able to succeed with the plan.

I can still help if you’re okay with my plant suggestions being more limited than what’s offered in your area.  Consultations that involve making a square foot gardening plan or creating a crop rotation will work for any growing zone.

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Go into this gardening season with confidence, knowing exactly which plants to pick, where to plant them, and how to keep everything alive and low maintenance once it’s planted