Go From Wannabe Flower farmer to profitable business owner this next growing season

Stop dreaming about the Flower Farmer life and leverage your small cut flower garden into a backyard business that actually makes you money

Do any of these sound familiar?

You've been scrolling on Instagram and Pinterest and you're dreaming of the flower farmer life. Gorgeous gardens brimming with cut flowers, making beautiful bouquets, and living a life you love. But you don't have an acreage, you're not that great at gardening, and you like using social media--but you have no clue how to use it for marketing and selling your flowers.

You want to invest in growing cut flowers, but the more you look into it, the more complicated it seems. How do you grow everything? What are the best flowers? How do you seed start and what is the timing? Can you actually make money flower farming? And where are you going to find customers?!

You're a wannabe flower farmer with a day job, a backyard sized garden, and a dream. You want to dip your toe into the world of flower farming, find out if there's a market for it in your area, and not waste a ton of money on dead flowers and broken dreams.

Here's the good news--You don't have to have tons of growing space or loads of money to start living out your dream and making sales.

To really succeed in Flower Farming, you can't be good at just one thing--you need to be a triple threat. You need to be. . .

The Grower

You’ve got to know how to seed start on a larger scale than most home gardeners, plus time it all out so you never have a lull in your blooms.

The Artist

Know what flowers will work well together, how to arrange them beautifully, and have them look irresistable to customers.

The Marketer

A field full of blooms does you no good if you don’t know how to get customers. Figure out the ways of making money that play to your strengths, and start selling online and in real life.

What if you could...

Try out your flower farmer dream, without investing a ton of money?  Start growing flowers, getting customers–leveraging a small space into a growing business.


backyard Business:
Cut Flowers Made Simple

Go from flower farmer wannabe to backyard entrepreneur and build a cut flower business that actually makes you money.

Here's what you'll get

Here's everything we'll be covering

Module 1: What’s Your Business Stage?

We’ll discuss the 4 stages of a beginner business and what the best steps are for you, depending on which stage you’re in.

Module 2: 17 Ways to Make Money Flower Farming

Learn the different ways you can make money with cut flowers.  We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each way, and how to know which ones are the best for you.

Module 3: Marketing You and Your Business

As marketing moves online more and more, learn how you can start marketing even when you don’t have a single seed planted, what tactics are working now, and how to set yourself apart–so you can start finding potential customers even when there’s still snow on the ground.

Module 4: Planning Your Growing Season

Where to order, what to order, what’s worth it (and what’s not) and what you should order.  I show you how to make your own plan, or you can use one of my pre-done ones as-is or as a stepping stone for your own.

Module 5: Seed Starting

There’s a LOT of seed starting for a flower farmer.  Here’s how to time everything out, do it well, and do it on a budget if needed.

Module 6: Spring

We’ll discuss soil prep, flower bed prep, spring bulbs, and trying to get flowers into your customers hands as soon as possible.

Module 7: Summer

The main event!  Get help with making bouquets, selling, and what to do when things don’t go as planned.

Module 8: Fall

Learn how to wrap up your garden for the season, plus a few ideas to extend your sales.

Module 9: Winter

Let’s talk about making money in the off season with dried flowers, live greens, and wreath making.

Over $167 worth of bonuses

flower farmer garden planner

When you're a flower farmer, not just any garden planner will do! There's a lot to keep track off--write it all down here so you can build your business the smart way.


Selling on Social

Ideas for Instagram posts, captions, hashtags, and current best practices for building the right kind of audience--not just a bunch of freebie hunters!!


Photos that wow Guide

You won't sell flowers if you can't photograph them well. Easy tips to capture your blooms in the best light possible--using just your phone.


ALL FOR THE BETA LAUNCH PRICE OF $347 (Regular Price $497)

Let's do some Flower Farmer math. . .

The Wannabe Flower Farmer decides that this course is too expensive and sets out on her own.  You arent’ sure exactly what to buy, so you order $300 of tulips, $100 ranunculus, another $300 in dahlias, and make an additional $300 seed order.  Surely with $1000 worth of flowers you’ll have lots to sell. You don’t have a lot of growing experience, but you’re  confident it will be fine.  

Unfortunately, most of your tulips don’t come up, and a lot of the stems are too short to sell.  

You start the ranunculus, but it’s a hot spring and you don’t know how to grow ranunculus properly in those conditions, so that crop does poorly too. 

You don’t want to invest any more money, so you don’t get a website and put up an Instagram account.  But you don’t really know what to post and only have 3 pictures on it and 40 followers–mostly friends and family.  

Thankfully the seed order flowers do well, but they all seem to be blooming at the same time!!  You have so many flowers, and not nearly enough customers.  

Also, you don’t understand why the flowers you grew aren’t looking good together, and worse yet, aren’t really selling.

The dahlias do well and you make some sales, but you don’t really know how to store them, so later in the winter most of them get dried out.  

You spent $1000 on flowers, but only have $300 in sales to show for it–plus you can’t reuse those dried out dahlias next year!

$1000 invested – $300 in sales + wasted plants = a Frustrated First Year Flower Farmer

The Resilient Flower Farmer decides that she needs to hedge her bets and get this course.  After reading the sections on planning and ordering, she decides to invest $300 in dahlias and $400 in additional seed orders, also spending $1000 (including the course).  

Even though she skipped tulips and ranunculus this year, she still has a few earlier flowers and is able to slowly gain interest in her work.  

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t in her favour this year, and her seeds didn’t do as well as she hoped.  But!  Because she had paid attention to the marketing and troubleshooting sections of the course, she didn’t freak out and was able to salvage the season

 She made her money back in salesplus a little bit more.  

She also knew how to store her dahlias and only had a few tubers bite the dust.  The Resilient Flower Farmer was still able to learn from her mistakes, take a bit of bad luck, and still come out ahead.  

Plus, she’s confident she can make a decent profit next year with the skills she gained this year.

$1000 invested -$1200 in sales + smart business decisions = Confident Business Owner

The flower Farmer Math is simple--Don't waste another growing season and enroll now

You can’t afford not to invest this season.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

women making a bouquet in the garden

Hey, I'm Kristen

I’ve turned a childhood obsession of running around and collecting flowers to arrange, into a blooming business both online and in real life selling flowers and creating content around growing flowers–all while doing it in a tough growing zone.  I garden in Saskatoon, SK, which means my growing season is short and the temperatures are generally cold.  If I can do it, you can too!

Not only do I know how to grow and arrange flowers, I also know how to quietly build a thriving online business.  My blog, Shifting Roots, has gone from a hobby that I was hoping would make me money someday, to a full-time business that attracts over a million users a year to my site and provides for me and my family.  I’m proof that you don’t need 10 000 followers on Instagram or Facebook to build a business.  You can do it with small numbers if you know how to attract the right people.

When I’m not playing with flowers or creating content, I’m hanging out with my husband and 3 kids, ages 9, 2 and 1.  And yes, it’s as crazy as you’re imaging with those two littlest ones!!

Grow your Flower Business the Right way

While there’s no one right way to grow a business, my approach helps you test the waters so that you’re not risking it all unnecessarily.  Plus, when you join now and take advantage of the live class portion, you can ask whatever questions you need so you don’t have to figure out everything on your own.


Here’s what we’ll cover in the course that will help you become each of these people…


No flowers, no business.  In the course we’ll cover the best flowers to grow and the right varieties of each.  You can’t waste a precious growing season growing the wrong variety of flowers that have short stems!!  

You can also save time and hassle by using our pre-done plans, or use them as a launch pad to create your own.

Our flower-by-flower growing guide will tell you the ins and outs of each flower, so you can feel confident growing many of the most popular crops.

Plus, as we go through the growing year together, videos will be added to the course with step by step instructions.  No more endless poking around on Pinterest and YouTube and not really finding what you need. 

Most flower course creators live in warmer climates–but not me!  I live in zone 3 near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.  We have a 90-110 day growing season (really short!), dry growing conditions, and extremely cold winters.  If I can grow it, there’s no reason you can’t–especially if you live in zones 2-5.

Knowing you need to post on social media or get a website is all well and good, but what do you actually need to post?  And how do you get eyes on your stuff? What if you’re not good at technical stuff?

Learn from someone who has built her business from a hobby blog with a dream, into a full-time online business that has a million views on the blog a year.  I can show you how to find your ideal client, connect with them on social media in an authentic way, and get eyes on your product in the digital space.

We’ll learn how to stand out in a saturated market, to think like a CEO instead of an employee, and how to test out our strategies.

Plus, I’ll share how to start building a customer base before even a single flower is blooming in your garden.

In 2021I ran my flower farm in tough conditions–a record drought, a city where there are at least 10 other flower farmers within an hour radius, and I was starting with zero customers and zero followers on social.  But I leveraged my business know-how from running my online business and previous in-person businesses to grow my social following quickly, book 6 weddings, and make over $3000 in sales.

My strategies are simple, and anyone can learn them and implement them.



You’ve grown the flowers, grown your potential customer base, and now you can’t seem to put your flowers together well.  There’s no such thing as ugly flowers, but if they don’t look good, you won’t have buyers.  You need to learn how to be the Artist.

This course will teach you how to go from an arranger with no clue, to confidently putting together the flowers you grow–with videos explaining how to make some of the most popular items you can sell.

And finally, you can be the best arranger in the world, but if you can’t properly convey that with a camera, it will be difficult to get customers.  Our bonus guide on phone flower photography will give you simple strategies for photograph your flowers well enough so that you can start selling your flowers and building up a body of work to show future customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  You can pay in 6 instalments of $59

You’ll instantly get access to all ebooks- Cut Flowers Made Simple, Savvy Seed Saving, Bouquets Made Beautiful, and Frost Proof Flower Garden, as well as the three bonuses and videos that are currently in the course.  As we go through the season together, more videos will be added as needed, and we will also have 4-6 live Zoom calls.  Any seeds or equipments is not included.

Yes.  You many have to adjust the timing on some flowers, and if you live somewhere warmer, you’ll be able to grow more perennials than I can.

If there is, it won’t be until September/October of 2022.

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature and instant access to materials, it is not.

The live portions & beta version of the course will last from November 2021 to August 2022.  The videos are generally short 5-15 minutes each, and the ebooks are quite visual in nature and designed to be an easy yet informative read.

While I can never guarantee results, if you complete the course and put it into practice, you will likely break even your first year, and continue to add profit in subsequent years.  Also, we’ll discuss how to know when it’s time to cut your losses and quit.

The course is a combination of ebooks, videos, and live Zoom calls throughout the growing year.  The videos will be added throughout the year as I go through my gardening season and/or the beta class asks for one that I haven’t scheduled in.

I also have a suggested way of going through the material, but you can also go in the order that makes sense to you.

The course is yours forever.

See how I built my backyard business and earned over $3000 in 2021

Yes, it is possible to make this kind of money from your backyard. Let me show you how.

This course is in it’s beta phase, so that means you get to help shape the course content to make it as useful as possible.  When you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to all the ebooks, bonuses, and training videos.  As we meet for our 5 live calls, I will add content to the course depending on the needs of the class.

A $1610 value--for only $297!!

The time is now

The beta pricing or the option to go through the course with a live component won’t be available forever.  Plus, certain flowers and seeds are only on sale at certain times, and can’t be purchased at any other time of year.

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