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This Gorgeous Character Home is #RenovationGoals


You know what happens after a morning of watching home renovation shows on HGTV. . .you start dreaming about your own run-down diamond-in-the-rough that you turn around in six weeks.  But what if you actually did it?

Minus the 6 week part. . . *crawls in a corner with the memory of her own renovation that was supposed to be three weeks*

My friend Jacqueline and her husband actually did.  They bought a run-down character home, did most of the gutting and painting in 6 weeks, then finished the rest as time permitted.  3 years later it’s a gorgeous marriage of character and mid-century modern, with clever solutions hidden throughout.

I love this wooden bench in the entryway. Such a lovely contrast with the white, grey, black, and pop of red. So cosy and inviting! #characterhome, #popsofcolor #entryway #stairway

So grab your favourite hot beverage and indulge in some home renovation fantasy.

P.S.-There’s so many lessons to be learned from their renovation, that I wrote a second post just on the clever ways they made their house work for them.

Entryway and Stairs

I love this stair landing! Gorgeous black wallpaper off-set with a brass circular mirror. #blackwallpaper #wallpaper #antiquemirror #blackandwhitehome #characterhome

Upon entering the house, you’re greeted with the colour palette that’s carried throughout: wood, red, black, white and brown, with the occasional pop of turquoise.  The other constant? Jacqueline’s plant collection, which adds life and vibrancy through out the home.

Let’s go upstairs, shall we?

Wouldn't you love to come home to this black and white stairway, with stunning red carpet stair runner? I really want that black textured wallpaper! #wallpaper #stairrunner #red #black #white #staircase

The black textured wallpaper contrasts beautifully with the white staircase and warm, red carpet.  A collage of family wedding photos add a personal touch.

The 1560 sqft home boasts 4 bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor–luxury for a house this size and of this era.


Don't you just want to cuddle up on this neutral master bed with pops of red? Perfect for a cosy Sunday morning lounging in bed. #neutralbedding #popsofred #masterbedroom

Jacqueline and Marc have original art all throughout the house.  I love the way this one in the master bedroom adds a pop to an otherwise neutral room.  It’s also an important lesson in style-don’t be afraid to play with proportions.  Most people would put a much smaller piece of artwork on a small wall, but a piece this size really makes a statement and doesn’t look out of place.

The nursery is a soothing palette of white and grey with pops of red and blue.  Perfect for the little boy that lives there, and easy to transition over when his baby sister arrives.

I personally love the rug, and how they’ve seamlessly used grown up elements, like the artwork over the crib and the sleek blue chair in a kids room.  I also love Isabella, the family dog who makes a cameo. 🙂

Don't you love this gender neutral nursery? Perfect for a baby boy or girl, and easy to transition to the next child. I love the white, red, and blue shag rug, and how it perfectly compliments the retro blue chair. #genderneutralnursery #boysnursery #girlsnursery

Living/Music Room

Back on the main floor, let’s go to my favourite space in the house–the music/living room.  It gets the best light in the house and is a natural gathering place when guests arrive.

The crazy plant lady in me is jealous of Jacqueline’s plant collection, and the cowhide rug is simply stunning.

Calling all music lovers and crazy plant ladies! This is the perfect living room for you. I'm so jealous of all the natural light and the gorgeous cowhide rug. #musicroom #livingroom #crazyplantlady #cowhiderug #uprightpiano

The home is a study in colour, repetition, and texture.  A room in this neutral colour palette could easily fall flat, but it doesn’t because there are so many different textures: the grain of the original hardwood floors, the leather, the rug, and finally, the plants.  Every item has a story and is carefully curated but not too precious.

Let's curl up on this cozy brown leather couch and listen to some music. Don't you want this in your music room? #livingroom #musicroom #brownleathercouch #leathercouch #piano #guitar

Dining Room

The dining room is the most traditional of all the rooms in their house.  However, the gorgeous new light and painted chairs keep the modern vibe going.

Modern meets traditional neutral dining room. This is the way you merge styles in a character home! #diningroom #modernstyle #traditionalstyle #neutral

The dining room and kitchen used to be two separate rooms, but they were partially opened up and this peninsula was born.  It’s made of reclaimed wood and concrete and is a natural gathering place in the mornings.  I’m super jealous of the vintage bar stools!

Vintage bar stools in turquoise, orange, and brow. I love how the retro stools contrast with the concrete countertops and reclaimed wood. #vintage #retro #barstools #concretecountertop #reclaimedwood


The retro vibe continues in the kitchen with the retro pendant and Piet Mondrian-inspired ceiling.

View into the kitchen from the dining room. I love all the unique elements in this shot! Piet Mondrian ceilings, retro pendant, retro barstools, reclaimed wood, and lots of pops of red and turquoise. #reclaimedwoodkitchen #kitchen #retrovibe #turquoise #red #redfloors #barstool

The bench under the window is not only a nice place for their son to relax and play, it’s also a clever storage solution.  More about that next post!

A cute red and turquoise banquette with extra storage hidden inside. #banquette #red #turquoise #storagesolutions

The kitchen cabinets are all custom in a shaker style by Rhine Artisans out of Saskatoon.  The counter height is three inches taller than standard to accommodate the tall owners.

I want these white custom shaker cabinets. Don't the contrast beautifully with black appliances and red floors? #customcabinets #redfloors #redflooring #blackappliances

That’s it!  What’s your favourite part of this gorgeous character home?

Be sure to watch for the second post where we talk about all the clever renovation solutions Jacqueline and Marc used.





Kristen Raney

Kristen Raney

Kristen is a former farm kid turned urban gardener who owns the popular gardening website, Shifting Roots.  She is obsessed with growing flowers and pushing the limits of what can be grown in her zone 3b garden.  She also loves to grow tomatoes, but oddly enough, dislikes eating them raw.

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