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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies (It’s Not What You Think)

Every year we struggle with fruit flies. The temperature rises, you leave out one little piece of fruit, and the fruit flies slowly become overlords of the kitchen. Usually I’m able to get rid of them by keeping the fruit in the fridge, aggressively cleaning, and if all else fails,

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Raspberry Muffins with Chocolate Chips

The other day I went to make my favourite raspberry bran muffins with the fresh raspberries I had just picked, and realized that there was no way my son would eat them. While it’s not the end of the world, I really wanted to make a muffin that everyone in

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How to Make a Bouquet Look Stunning with 3 Simple Rules

Have you ever tried to make a bouquet, and found that it fell flat? And worse yet, you really didn’t know why? It’s not your fault. You just need to follow these three simple rules for a better bouquet every time. By using shape, colour, and texture to your advantage,

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How to Can Saskatoon Berries

Canning Saskatoon berries is very easy and a great way to free up some freezer space when you’re preserving a lot of summer berries. If you’ve ever made jam before (or even if you haven’t), you can easily can Saskatoon berries. You can also use this basic canning method and

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Must Try Saskatoon Berry Recipes

After a long day of Saskatoon berry picking, it’s time to fantasize about what you’ll make with all those delicious berries!  I’ve rounded up my favourite Saskatoon berry pie, muffins, cake and more for your baking pleasure.

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Saskatoon Berry Pie

Nothing says summer like a classic Saskatoon berry pie.  You can have your blueberries, but I’ll take slightly tart Saskatoon berries instead any day of the week. This Saskatoon berry recipe is just like the one Grandma used to make and can be made with either fresh or frozen berries.

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Saskatoon Berry Muffins

When you were growing up, did you have a favourite afterschool snack?  I don’t remember what I had when I was at home, but I do remember what my grandma usually made for me when I was at her house–Saskatoon Berry Muffins.

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How to Freeze Saskatoon Berries

Can you bottle up the taste of summer? Not exactly, but freezing Saskatoon berries for later use comes pretty close. You’ve spent hours in the berry patch picking, now it’s time to clean and freeze those beautiful berries! I’ll show you exactly how to clean and freeze Saskatoon berries, as

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