Save time, Money & effort this Gardening season

Get your most pressing questions answered by a real person this season and finally grow the vegetables and flowers you've been dreaming of.

Do you ever wish you just had a real person to talk gardening with?

It's your first year or two trying to grow a garden, and things are not going well. Your plants are dying, you've been growing weeds by accident thinking they were young vegetables, and you've wasted so much money on seeds and starters. And for what?

Gardening was supposed to be easy, but trying to piece everything together from random articles on Pinterest has you feeling even more lost and confused. And with all the mistakes you've made and the time you've wasted, you don't have many vegetables to eat and your flowers are sad looking.

It doesn't have to be this way!!

All you need is what every beginner gardener needs--a mentor to answer your questions and show you what to do. In the past, that was usually your parents. However, you haven't been so lucky. That's where the Garden Shift can help...

What if you could...

Finally grow fresh vegetables for your family to eat?

Harvest those flowers you’ve been dreaming of?

Meet online with an experienced gardener once a week?

Have a weekly Q&A session where no question was too silly to ask?

Post your pictures and questions whenever you needed? 

Know that you’re actually doing-it-right?

…and have all of this at your fingertips from May to September?


the Garden shift

A private, online, members-only gardening group that will help you grow the garden you’ve been wishing for–without wasting time, money, and effort because of silly newbie mistakes.

Here's what you'll get

Plus Over $30 worth of bonuses

2020 Garden Planner

Everything you need to get organized in the garden. Just print out the pages that make the most sense for you!

Done for you perennial Flower plans

Beginner friendly plans with easy-to-grow perennials that will have your yard looking great!

Vegetable Garden templates

3 garden plans with the most popular vegetables to grow--in 3 different sizes and with proper spacing!

sign up Now--the first 25 members get a free e-book!

That’s right!  As a thank you for being an action taker in the class of 2020, you’ll get your choice of one of my gardening e-books–Cut Flowers Made Simple, Constant Colour Garden, or Small Garden, Big Harvest.

Canadians, use the code CANADA at the checkout to account for the difference in exchange rate.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Hey, I'm kristen

and I’ll be your gardening mentor for the next growing season.  I personally garden in zone 3 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in a former blank-slate-weedy-wasteland-turned-productive-garden.  We have a short growing season and cool temperatures–so if I can make it work in my challenging conditions, so can you!

I’ve been gardening since I could walk, and I’ve always been that person in my friend group who you ask for advice when you wonder why your plants are dying, or what to do with your yard.  I took that role seriously, and started blogging about all things gardening at Shifting Roots.

Now I’m sharing my gardening knowledge with you every week.  Let me be that friend who you turn to to figure out if you’re doing it right in the garden.  I’m excited to help you get growing!

P.S. This is my own garden, I’ll show you some more pics below!!


…and so much more!

Join Now for only $24 a month!!

You can get in now for the lowest price ever–plus save money each month on groceries you don’t need to buy and plants that you don’t have to replace.  Invest in yourself from May to September, and grow your best garden yet.

Canadians, use the code CANADA at the checkout to account for the difference in exchange rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Garden shift runs from May 4th to September 18th–20 weeks.  This will take you through all the stages of growing a garden–from plan on a sheet of paper to harvest.

Each week on Monday a new video with be uploaded in Membervault.  Weekly Q&A’s will be through Zoom on Thursdays. Replays will be posted later in Membervault.  Any questions that pop up in between those times will be answered in the private Facebook Group.

You’re still welcome to join, there will just be a little of my advice that won’t apply to you because you have a longer and warmer growing season.  But the basics of gardening remain the same, no matter where you live.

The monthly price is an average over the 20 weeks. Yes, there are only 2 weeks in September, but there are 5 weeks in June and August, so it evens out.

The Garden Shift is a 5 month commitment.  You’d be shortchanging yourself and your gardening skills if you only stuck around for a month or two.  It’s important to know what to do every step of the year.

Those who show up, go up. You’ll only get out of the membership what you put in.  So watch all the videos, come to the Q&A with questions, and take advantage of having more time with me.  As a founding member, you’ll get more attention than in following years, as I anticipate the group getting larger with every year.

I am currently in talks with other garden bloggers to take over the group for 2-3 weeks after I have my baby.  I will still be as active as possible in the Facebook Group during those 2-3 weeks.

No sorry.  The Garden Shift is a 5 month commitment and can not be refunded.  However, you’ll have access to the videos and Q & A for as many years as I run the membership.


A $2055 value--for just $24 a month

So what happens if you decide to go it on your own for another year?  Maybe nothing.  But that’s just it.  You’re going to keep making newbie mistakes–cheating yourself out of fresh organic vegetables and beautiful cut flowers, and giving yourself either nothing or sad looking stuff instead.  

If you live somewhere colder, it’s not like you can try to garden outdoors year-round.  If you mess it up this year, you have to wait a whole other year to try again.  And with this year’s food shortages, is that something you really want to do?

Don't waste another Growing season trying to piece everything together yourself

Get hold-your-hand gardening help from May to September for only $24 a month

Canadians, use the code CANADA at the checkout to account for the difference in exchange rate.

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