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How To Grow a Fall Garden in a Short Growing Season

Have you ever wanted to grow a fall garden, but thought it was impossible because you live in an area with a growing season of 90-100 days and often get early frosts in September? I garden in zone 3b in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the heart of the Canadian Prairies and

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6 Organic Ways To Keep Bugs Out of Broccoli

There’s nothing quite like the fresh taste of broccoli from the garden, but if you live in an area where farmers grow a lot of canola (hello Saskatchewan!!), growing broccoli at home seems like an impossible dream. Sure, things start out okay, until mid summer when broccoli becomes invested with

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5 Secrets to Growing Better Peppers from Seed

Peppers are fun to start from seed and are a welcome distraction to the bitter February cold. But pepper seedlings can be tricky to grow well. You might frequently find yourself asking, “why are my peppers not growing?” and be tempted to throw the whole tray into the compost. I’ve

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How to Pick the Best Tomato Varieties for Your Garden This Year

Tomatoes are the glory plant of the gardening world.  Everyone want to grow the best tasting tomatoes or the largest tomato varieties.  But open any seed catalogue, and you’ll quickly be overwhelmed.  I’ve rounded up the best tomatoes to grow in your garden, for your situation.  From cherry tomatoes, to

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How to Design a Front Yard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Space is at a premium in urban centres, and you might not have enough space in your backyard to plant as many vegetables as you like. But have you ever thought of going out into your front yard? In some neighbourhoods, the front yard space is even larger than the

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8 Reasons to Start Square Foot Gardening in Your Backyard

Have you been scrolling on Pinterest lately, oo-ing and ah-ing over all those beautiful raised beds you see with perfectly spaced plants?  It’s called square foot gardening and it’s the perfect solution for those of us with a small space to garden in, or anyone who wants to have a

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25 Best Gardening Books for the Urban Gardener

Urban gardeners face some special challenges, the biggest of which is lack of space.  These 25 gardening books cover all the bases to build the beginner urban gardener’s confidence.  I’ve assembled a collection that covers general gardening knowledge, companion planting, composting, small space gardening, and so much more. Also, I

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