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It’s cold out. We can’t do a lot of gardening or outdoor activities, so it’s the perfect time to dust off those homesteading skills and prep some noodles for the coming year. If you live in a dry, prairie climate like I do in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, winter is the ideal

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Must Try Saskatoon Berry Recipes

After a long day of Saskatoon berry picking, it’s time to fantasize about what you’ll make with all those delicious berries!  I’ve rounded up my favourite Saskatoon berry pie, muffins, cake and more for your baking pleasure.

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6 Creative Uses for Leftover Eggnog

The presents have been opened, the feasts have been feasted, and all you’re left with is. . . eggnog. Let’s face it, you’re not really in the mood to drink it as-is anymore.  Here’s 6 ideas to use up that last carton.

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How to Harvest and Preserve Sour Cherries Like a Boss

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase anything, I earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.  Thanks for your support! July is a busy month for the Saskatchewan berry picker.  Strawberries start off the month, followed by saskatoon berries, raspberries, and then finally, sour cherries.  Of the

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Hi, I'm Kristen and I help new gardeners learn to grow their own vegetables and beautify their yards. I also share recipes that use all that delicious garden produce. Grab a coffee (and your gardening gloves) and join me for gardening tips, simple recipes, and the occasional DIY, all from the lovely city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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