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How to Design a Perennial Garden Underneath a Tree

Perennial gardens underneath trees can be a beautiful addition to your landscape–but it can be tricky to grow plants underneath them in a way that supports both the growth of the tree and your new perennials. In this post, we’ll chat about some of the pitfalls to avoid when creating

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25 (Almost) Deer-Proof Perennials for Zone 3 Gardeners

Dealing with deer in your garden is no fun. These graceful creatures can easily make a lunch out of your beautiful perennial garden, destroying all of your hard work. A deer will eat anything if it’s hungry enough, but there are some perennial flowers you can grow in zone 3

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17 Perennial Flowers That Love Shade

Shade is the enemy of every beginner gardener.  It seems like your eye is drawn to every sun loving plant in the greenhouse and there are no exciting options for your shady perennial flower garden. I’ve compiled 17 shade-loving perennials that are easy to grow in your landscape. These are

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25 Drought Tolerant Native Plants for the Prairies

Gardening in a drought is no fun. Sure, if you have access to city or well water, you can keep everything living. But nothing will really thrive. As gardeners, we like to be conscious of our footprint on the environment and save water where we can. One of the best

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50 More Perennials You’ll Regret Planting

Perennials are a fantastic, low maintenance investment for flower gardeners.  Plant them once and they’ll return year after year.  However, some perennials are a little too good at their job and can quickly take over your flowerbed and crawl into your lawn.  What you thought was a low maintenance plant

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How to Plan & Design a Low Maintenance Flower Bed

Designing your first flower bed can be a daunting process. You probably know where you want it, but how big should it be? What should you plant in it that won’t die? How can you keep everything as low maintenance as possible so you don’t have to spend the whole

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32 Flowers, Groundcover, and Shrubs that Grow Under Trees

I’m going to start this post by saying that starting a garden underneath a tree can be a challenging task. You’ll likely be battling shade, dry ground, and acidic conditions if you’re planting underneath a coniferous tree. If you’re not fully committed to this gardening challenge, I highly recommend a

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