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Easy to Make Rustic Minimal DIY Christmas Wreath

Every year I want to make a Christmas wreath–think modern, rustic, and full of natural greens.  I love looking at all the options in the stores, but the prices make me pause.  So I set out to make my own. This version is super easy to make and the supplies

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Beginners Guide to Peonies: Growing Tips and Beautiful DIYs.

Peony season is finally here!  For two weeks in June peony lovers everywhere rejoice and furiously arrange and photograph their precious flowers. . . or maybe that’s just me.  There’s nothing like those delicate shades of pink and that glorious scent wafting from every bloom. But peonies aren’t always as

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DIY Plastic Flower Pot Makeover

Are your plastic flowerpots looking a little tired this year?  Give them a quick and easy makeover with two cans of spray paint and a little bit of creativity.  I’ll show you how you can transform your pots from blah to wow with this easy DIY.

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Two Easy Tricks to Prevent Mold in Home Grown Sprouts

Growing sprouts at home is an easy way to provide nutritious greens for your family without fancy equipment, and a fun winter indoor gardening project. But many beginner sprout growers encounter one big problem that discourages them from trying sprouting again–mold. Nobody wants to find mold in their home grown

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The Dollar Store Hack to Keep Birds Away From Your Garden

Do you struggle with birds constantly eating your vegetables and seedlings? Me too! I love planting lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, beets, broccoli, peas, cabbage, and cauliflower, but the birds eat them as soon as they sprout. It’s so bad, that last year I didn’t get any beets, spinach, peas or

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DIY Wooden Garden Markers: A Cute Craft for the Garden

A garden looks perfectly beautiful on its own merit. Who doesn’t love to look through a well laid out and weeded garden? And the smell! But the gardener needs to know what’s what- especially at the beginning of the season. This means you’ll need garden markers. And, because they’ll get

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Last-Minute Homemade Fudge Sampler Gift

It’s the last weekend before Christmas and you’ve realized that not only are you very much NOT ready. You still haven’t shopped for everybody on your list. And you forgot about your kids teachers, that nice neighbour who always shovels your sidewalk, and your favourite co-worker who makes going to

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How to Decorate a Cheap Poinsettia so it Looks Expensive

Every Christmas I love to give poinsettias to my friends and family as gifts.  I usually get mine from the grocery store to save money, but they often look a little plain.  Here’s some simple ways I decorate my poinsettias so they look pretty and perfect for holiday gift giving.

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