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There’s nothing quite like the fresh taste of broccoli from the garden. However, if you live in an area where farmers grow a lot of canola like me in Zone 3, Saskatchewan, growing broccoli at home can seem like an impossible dream. Sure, things start out okay, until mid-summer when

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Easy Ways To Prevent Bugs and Disease in the Garden

No one likes to think about diseases and pests in their garden. In a perfect world, we’d all have Pinterest-worthy gardens that get enough sun, are perfectly watered, and always produce well. The reality is, pests and plant diseases are going to happen to you. If you’re new to gardening,

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How to Get Rid of Pests that Plague Your Garden

You’ve planted the seeds, carefully watered and weeded, and your vegetable garden is finally starting to come up. . . only to be demolished by a host of bugs, birds, and other critters. What’s a gardener to do? Sifting through the Internet for answers is like travelling down some strange

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Hi, I'm Kristen and I help new gardeners learn to grow their own vegetables and beautify their yards. I also share recipes that use all that delicious garden produce. Grab a coffee (and your gardening gloves) and join me for gardening tips, simple recipes, and the occasional DIY, all from the lovely city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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