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How I Used Adventures in SEO to Make Money Blogging

Hey there!  Thanks for clicking on this post.  My name is Kristen and I do not blog about blogging.  I actually blog about gardening and food 99% of the time.  Wait, don’t go!!!!! If you clicked on this post, you’re probably like past-me.  You have a blog, it’s doing alright,

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10 Times My Blog Was So Close to Amazing

I love blogging. It is the perfect outlet for all my pent up creative energy. I love making beautiful projects and after every post I anxiously wait to see if you like it. Not everything is perfect. There are mistakes, cover ups, and bad lighting. Today I thought it would

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No Nonsense Advice for Starting a Blog

Are you thinking of starting your own blog? I’ve seen a lot of how-to posts around the internet claiming to have all the answers.  Some are excellent.  Others. . . not so much.  How much effort does it take?  What’s the best way to get started?  How do I get

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Resolution Update: March 2017

There’s nothing like sharing your goals with 1000 of your closest friends to keep you accountable.  Today I thought I’d let you know how my resolutions are panning out so far.

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Best of 2016

It’s been an absolute blast growing my blog in 2016!  What started out as a renovation and home blog has slowly morphed into a food and gardening blog as well.  I call it “Prairie Lifestyle” and I’m sticking with it.  Here’s what you’ve loved over the past year.

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Hi, I'm Kristen and I help new gardeners learn to grow their own vegetables and beautify their yards. I also share recipes that use all that delicious garden produce. Grab a coffee (and your gardening gloves) and join me for gardening tips, simple recipes, and the occasional DIY, all from the lovely city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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