Make Pinterest Worthy wreaths, garlands & More

No Talent or crazy amounts of Money required. Learn how to make bespoke christmas decor using natural greens, berries and more, for a fraction of the retail cost

Do you have a pinterest board full of christmas decor that seems out of reach?

You scroll, click and pin all these gorgeous homes with your ideal Christmas decor--fresh greens, pinecones, and not a plastic evergreen in sight. But how on earth do you make all those garlands?

You tried to figure it out, but your arrangements fell flat instead of looking festive. Then you looked into buying some, but the price was totally out of reach.

It feels like your house will never look that nice. Guess it's a Christmas full of plastic crap yet again. . . or is it?

What if making Christmas decor could be easy...

What if you could clip greens from your backyard and turn it into designer worthy decor?

What if your bank account didn’t have to die to decorate your house?

What if you could have your friends ooh and ahh over your house, and when they asked where you got everything, you could proudly say, “I made this” while their jaws dropped to the floor?

Your house can look like your Pinterest board


natural Christmas Crafts Masterclass

The quickest and easiest way to learn how to make Pin-worthy Christmas decor from real greens without spending a fortune.

Here's what you'll get

Make over $500 worth of decor with a $30 investment

Retail Price

Evergreen wreath.......$45-$125
Evergreen garland. . .$75-$125
2 large planters. . . . . $75-$125 each

Total: $500. . .

and let's be real, you'd probably like more than one wreath and multiple garlands.

Retail Price

Evergreen wreath…….$45-$125
Evergreen garland. . .$75-$125
2 large planters. . . . . $75-$125 each

Total: $500. . .

and let’s be real, you’d probably like more than one wreath and multiple garlands.​

spend less & decorate more

Get Natural Christmas Crafts Masterclass for $27 and save yourself hundreds of dollars on decor.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Here's what people just like you are making with
Natural Christmas Crafts Masterclass. . .

“I was nervous to make this wreath and planter, but with a little knowhow from Kristen and the her giving me the confidence to start, I was able to make something much more beautiful than I ever thought I could”

Hey, I'm kristen

And I’m just like you with a Pinterest board full of “someday,” big dreams, and a resolve to not blow my whole Christmas budget on decorations.  I’ve got 3 little kids and I want to decorate and make our house special for them (and me!) with money leftover to make sure some of the presents they’re hoping for are under the tree.  

I love the magical feelings of Christmas, and and I love how natural decor (not plastic) makes my house feel all cozy and warm.  So I’ve taken my skills with cut flowers & design and transferred them over to the world of Christmas decor–creating projects that anyone can do.

I’m the gardener and blogger behind Shifting Roots, a popular cold climate gardening blog.  I’m obsessed with flowers and trying to cram in everything I want to grow into my urban backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  If you can grasp a piece of greenery in your hand and wrap wire around it, you can do this. 😉

There are currently 10 different projects, including 3 wreaths, 2 garlands, 3 different types of outdoor planters, a table centrepiece, flower arrangement, and some quick ornaments and gift wrapping.

You’ll get access immediately after your payment is cleared.  The videos are yours to use for as long as I offer the course.

The classes are short, with most videos being around 3-10 minutes.  Expect the project to take you longer the first time you do it, and to feel a bit clumsy.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be finishing your projects a lot faster.

make your home feel magical this christmas

Get the Natural Christmas Crafts Masterclass for only $27 and save hundreds this Christmas.