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Living Room Tetris


Friends I need your help.

But before I ask for help, let’s just make sure everyone knows what Tetris is.  Because I like to date myself like that.

Back in the glorious time that was the early nineties, I played a game called Tetris on my Game Boy.  The point of Tetris was to arrange the falling pieces as logically as you could so that you would fill your rows of ten, thus making the row go away and making room for more rows.  As you got better, the pieces would fall faster and faster.

Little did I realize this game was preparing me for life in general.  I digress.

With the addition of the baby grand piano, arranging the furniture in our living room has gotten awfully challenging.  I’ve been mulling over it for a month and I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t know.  The configuration I have currently looks good, but feels a bit too cluttered.

I’m going to throw out some options and their pros and cons, and I’d love for you to let me know in the comments which you think would make the most sense.

But first, the rules:  The piano stays.  There is no other room in which the piano can go.  With that out of the way, I present to you the options.

Option 1: Keep it the way it is

This current layout isn’t bad.  There is a clear “piano area” and “living area” but this arrangement makes the fireplace disappear.  It also feels a bit cluttered where the beige chair and the piano meet.  It’s also annoying that chair is right in the spot where my singers need to go when they have their songs memorized.

Option 2: Take away a chair

Taking away a chair would solve the clutter issue, but leave us with minimal seating.  Both Dominic and the Hermit are uber attached to their respective chairs.

I’ve just noticed that I have only one curtain hanging. Blogger FAIL! Wait, I mean, it’s totally the new trend. . .

Option 3: Put the two chairs towards the dining room

This is probably my preferred solution, but the Hermit doesn’t like how it creates a hallway.

Option 4: Switch everything around

The couch would go under the window and the piano would be against the wall.  It doesn’t solve the symmetry issue, but it might feel more spacious coming into the house.

Option 5: Something I haven’t thought of?

I would love your opinions and brilliant ideas.  I’ll be holding a Facebook live video this morning to show you the space.  (So if you haven’t liked and followed already, please do so here so you’ll get the notification!)  Thanks in advance for all your help, and see you in the comments!


Kristen Raney

Kristen Raney

Kristen is a former farm kid turned urban gardener who owns the popular gardening website, Shifting Roots.  She is obsessed with growing flowers and pushing the limits of what can be grown in her zone 3b garden.  She also loves to grow tomatoes, but oddly enough, dislikes eating them raw.

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