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Weeds vs. Plants Ebook

Are you Scared of Killing Perfectly good Plants? You’ve planted a garden and everything is coming up–hurray! But so are the weeds. Do you know what to pull and what to leave in the ground? If the answer is “no” or if you’re unsure, you need the Weeds vs. Plants

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7 Preventable Mistakes that New Gardeners Often Make

It’s your first vegetable garden and you’re so excited! You buy the plants, sow the seeds, start watering. . . and a few weeks later are totally discouraged and want to give up. This doesn’t have to be you, and it doesn’t mean you are cursed with a brown thumb.

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30 Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs You Can Grow in Part Shade

You want to grow a vegetable garden, but unfortunately all you have is partial shade, or even worse–full shade. Don’t despair. While you can’t grow everything you might want to, there are lots of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that do well in shade. In fact, I’ve made a list with

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15 Fast Growing Vegetables (Plus 7 You Should Avoid)

Do you live in a short growing season, or find yourself starting a garden later in the season than you planned? Don’t worry, there are lots of vegetables you can still grow in a short amount of time. In this post, I’ll give you a list with pictures of the

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Hi, I'm Kristen and I help new gardeners learn to grow their own vegetables and beautify their yards. I also share recipes that use all that delicious garden produce. Grab a coffee (and your gardening gloves) and join me for gardening tips, simple recipes, and the occasional DIY, all from the lovely city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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