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Resolution Update: March 2017

There’s nothing like sharing your goals with 1000 of your closest friends to keep you accountable.  Today I thought I’d let you know how my resolutions are panning out so far.

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The Day After

Wow.  I am blown away by how my last post struck a chord with so many women.  I felt like i couldn’t quite return to my regular posting schedule and topics without addressing this first.

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The Week I Took Care of Myself

Like many Moms of little kids, I put myself last. It’s part of the territory. You want to make sure your littles have everything they need and are ready for the day. Then there’s your job (or your full-time mom gig!). And your partner. And each others families. Or your

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Share Your Sparkle

I had a completely different post planned for this week, but I was the recipient of such an amazing act of kindness I just had to share. 2016 was tough.  Our lives were really crazy and Mike couldn’t find a job in Humboldt, so we were always living apart.  We

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Thrifty Fall Decorating

I love to decorate my house for fall, but I don’t love the hefty price tag.  $2 per fancy pumpkin seems like not that much, but can quickly add up.  I’ve seen a small bag of specialty gourds at home depot for almost $12.  That’s crazy!  Here’s how I cheap

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Thank you!

It’s been around six months since I seriously started this blog and I am overwhelmed with the response from my readers.  You guys are simply the best. Thank you for all the comments, shares, and likes on the site, Facebook, & Twitter.  I also love how some of you phone

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How to Make the Perfect Iced Coffee

This post is sponsored by Dusty Plains Coffee Co.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. It’s sweltering outside and the lady at Tim Horton’s knows me and my order by name: medium iced coffee.  While I love going to Tim’s like any self-respecting Canadian, I wanted to try and

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Dining Room Progress

This photo pretty much sums up the dining room before: More wallpaper and kind of boring.  We’ve been using the grey, white, and yellow scheme in the house, and thought the dining room was a good place to take some design risks.  Enter in some grey paint and crazy yellow

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Diary of a Reno: day 1

9:00am: Wake up. It feels like Christmas! After weeks of waiting I finally get 5 whole days to beat this house into submission!! Life is great! I’m going to get so much done!! 9:30am: Drop Dominic off at daycare. Discover there is no daycare today. Crap. Oh well, I will

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