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One Simple Key To Finally Loving Yourself

Hey there friends!  Today Naomi Zurevinski is here to talk about self-love and the experiences that lead her to start her blog, This is My Self.  Naomi started out as a student of mine in Newman Sounds Glee Club, and now I consider her a fellow blogger and friend.  Read

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No Churn Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Every summer, my family searched high and low for a coveted box of New York Cherry Cheesecake ice cream.  Not just any grocery store would carry it, and even the ones that did didn’t always have it in stock. It was the small-town-holy-grail of ice cream. When I was in

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15+ Gifts for Flower Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for your flower-obsessed friend?  Look no further. For the Home Decor Enthusiast: Watercolour Pillow Your HGTV-loving friend will be thrilled to receive this beautiful watercolour pillow.  Um. . . does anyone want to order one for me?  (Hint, hint!) For the Traveler: Floral Duffle Bag

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The Secret Posts of Shifting Roots

I’ve been keeping secrets from you. Sometimes I have posts that sit in the draft box forever.  Why do they never come out?  Sometimes I’m not sure if they’re exciting enough or I think they will do better on Pinterest.  I’m also not sure that you want to be subjected

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No Nonsense Advice for Starting a Blog

Are you thinking of starting your own blog? I’ve seen a lot of how-to posts around the internet claiming to have all the answers.  Some are excellent.  Others. . . not so much.  How much effort does it take?  What’s the best way to get started?  How do I get

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Readers Natural Dyed Easter Egg Results

Here are some of my readers results following the advice from my post. Kim used canned beet juice for the pink, coffee for the brown, and blueberries for the blue/purple.  I love her results!   Sometimes things don’t always go as planned.  One reader who wishes to remain anonymous used

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The Best Secret Spots to Find Crocuses in Saskatchewan

Whether you call them Pasque flowers, April Fools, or Ears of the Earth, now is the perfect time to hunt crocuses in Saskatchewan.  Crocuses typically appear shortly after the snow melts, sometime around April 1st-21st.  Blooms only last for two weeks, so the window to see them is short.

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The Life Between the Lines

Today I wrote my grandma’s obituary. It goes something like this: Elizabeth 1923 – 2017 Elizabeth passed away peacefully on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, with family at her side. Elizabeth was born at home in the Wilmont area, where she spent her life as a homemaker helping out on the

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The Last Few Years

I’ll never forget that day. I was 11, and I was just finishing my after-school snack at my Grandma’s house. My Grandma came up to me and said,”Kristen, I’ve taken care of you for the last 11 years, now it’s time for you to take care of me for the

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