Effortlessly Create Beautiful Bouquets

No special talent required. Learn a simple system for quickly and easily creating a bouquet that actually looks pretty and doesn't fall flat.

You Grew the Pretty Flowers, but now all your bouquets look. . . okay. . . sort of.

What's the point of growing all those gorgeous flowers if your arrangements constantly fall flat? It's not your fault. All you need is a simple system to get it right every time. You don't need any special skills or talent to make the beautiful bouquets you have in your head.

An easy to follow system anyone can do.

15 beautiful examples with colour palettes

A quick, visual read so you can get creating ASAP.

What if you could...

Effortlessly make those gorgeous bouquets you have visions of in your head?  Make your friends happy by sharing your creations with them?  Take your flower farm business to the next level?  Or even create your own wedding flowers?


Bouquets Made Beautiful

The simple system for beautiful, fool-proof bouquets, every time.

Here's what you'll get

Make the bouquets you've been dreaming of

(Canadians, use the code CANADA to account for the exchange.)

Turn this. . .

Into this. . .

and this. . .

into this. . .

and so much more!

“This product just dropped, so I’m looking for testimonials.  You could be here!!.”
– Flower Grower

Hey, I'm Kristen

And I want you to create the bouquets you’ve been dreaming of!  Whenever I make a bouquet, my friends always marvel at how easily and beautifully I can make them.  While it comes naturally to me, I’m a teacher at heart, so I figured out a way to break down what I do into a system anyone can follow.

I’m a wife, mom of 3 littles ages 8, 1, and newborn and the content creator behind the popular gardening blog, Shifting Roots.  My mission is to make gardening accessible to everyone, with a special focus on cold climate gardening.  I’m in zone 3 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada–so if I can grow something in my short and cold growing season, so can you!

Let your creative juices flow

Arrange swoon-worthy flowers with this system.  Canadians, use code CANADA to account for the exchange.

Here's a Little Sneak peek . . .


you deserve pretty flowers

Get them now, with Bouquets Made Beautiful.  Canadians, use code CANADA to account for the exchange.

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