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How to Pinch Cut Flowers for an Explosion of Blooms

There’s a simple secret to getting tons of flowers in your cut flower garden, and it’s as easy as grabbing a pair of scissors. It’s called pinching, and basically it’s cutting a flower back to encourage it to bush out and create more stems. More stems equals more flowers! But

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The Fastest Way to Create a Private Garden on Your Patio

This post is sponsored by Gingerbread World: European Ware Haus. All thoughts and opinions are my own. You know the spot. It’s quiet, the morning light sneaks in just right, and you have your favourite outdoor chair. It’s sheltered just so from the breeze and all your favourite plants surround

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How to Design a Perennial Garden Underneath a Tree

Perennial gardens underneath trees can be a beautiful addition to your landscape–but it can be tricky to grow plants underneath them in a way that supports both the growth of the tree and your new perennials. In this post, we’ll chat about some of the pitfalls to avoid when creating

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25 (Almost) Deer-Proof Perennials for Zone 3 Gardeners

Dealing with deer in your garden is no fun. These graceful creatures can easily make a lunch out of your beautiful perennial garden, destroying all of your hard work. A deer will eat anything if it’s hungry enough, but there are some perennial flowers you can grow in zone 3

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How to Start Gladiolus Bulbs Indoors

If you live in a climate with a short growing season, you know the frustration with growing late season flowers, like glads. They take so long to bloom, that you run the risk of not even seeing your blooms if an early frost happens. And glads are so frost tender,

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How to Grow Ranunculus in Zone 3 (So it doesn’t die!)

If you’re growing cut flowers in your garden and hoping for some earlier spring blooms, you’ll quickly realize that there aren’t a lot of options for those of us in short growing seasons with cool climates. Enter the ranunculus. It looks like a garden rose and brings a welcome hit

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Pollination in Your Vegetable Garden

When you go through all the trouble of planting a vegetable garden, weeding it, watering it, and basically tending to its every need, you expect that said vegetable garden will provide you with a lot of vegetables. But what happens when you do everything right, the weather co-operates for the

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Bloom Times: What Cut Flowers Grow When in Zone 3

If you’re planning on growing your own flowers for a wedding, or other special occasion, you’ve probably been scouring garden plans, growing guides, and bloom time charts. But if you live in a cold climate with a short growing season like I do in zone 3, you’ve probably realized that

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The Best Vegetables & Flowers to Start with Winter Sowing

Winter sowing vegetables and flowers is a wonderful way to start strong seedlings that don’t really need hardening off. Over the winter, you can save your milk jugs, fill them up with soil and seeds, and be rewarded with your own seed starters in the Spring. However, some seeds lend

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